FIFA 22 PC Version Will Not Bring HyperMotion Technology

Techpedia04 - Electronic    Arts (EA) confirmed  that the upcoming FIFA 22 game on the  PC  the version  will not  feature  HyperMotion technology.

This technology is  called  can provide a  more  realistic  experience  when played.

Quoted from  Techradar,  Thursday  (7/15/2021), the company has confirmed  that  HyperMotion is  only  available  on the  latest consoles  such as  PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia. 

This   isn't the first  thing  EA  developers   do for  games that  apply  across  platforms.

Last year,  they  also  didn't  bring  some of the main  features  that  exist  in  PC  consoles as they appear on  game console.

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HyperMotion technology is the latest  effort that FIFA has  brought  this  year.

This technology utilizes Xsens machine learning and motion capture,   to  bring  animation  to a  more  revolutionary  and  updated ball player's movements. 

This means FIFA 22 will include over 4,000 new animations and will provide a more real experience for its players to enjoy

Some users of The PC  version of FIFA 22 was later  disappointed  with  EA's  decision.  

Many of  them  vented their grievances   on Reddit to   Twitter forums. 

In addition to HyperMotion, the features that players also complain about are pay-to-win in FIFA Ultimate Team to Career Mode in FIFA 22.

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