FIFA 22 is ready to be released in October 2021, what is the price?

Techpedia04 - Good news for fans of football    games,   because  EA Sports  has  prepared the launch of FIFA 22 in  October  2021.

Preparing to present  this annual soccer   game, how much  will FIFA 22  cost? 

The announcement of the arrival of  FIFA 22    was revealed  by EA Sports  some  time ago. EA  mentioned  that this   football  game  will be officially introduced on October 1,    2021. 

Later, FIFA 22  will be  available  on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and PC  via Origin and Steam.

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FIFA 22  will  come  with a smoother  look  that   makes  the players  look  more  real    when  dribbling,   outwitting  opponents,  kicking old, and player style respectively.

This slick technology is  thanks to  hypermotion's  up-to-date support.  The  huge customization in the  gameplay  system also  makes  FIFA 22  very  superior compared to other series.

Although it was  only released  in  early  October  2021,  FIFA 22 can now    be  ordered  with the following price details.


1. FIFA 22 Standard Edition

For PlayStation 4 players, FIFA 22  sells for Rp 849,000. As  for  PlayStation 5  sold rp 1.009.000. For the PC series,  FIFA 22 can be  purchased    for Rp 659,000.


2. FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition FIFA 22 is sold    for  Rp 1,409,000  for  PlayStation 4 players, Rp 1,409,000  for  PlayStation 5 and  for  PC  series for Rp 999,000  only.

That's the Fifa  22 price list that EA Sports will  introduce  in   October  2021.   Interested in   this   soccer game?

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