PlayStation Plus Free Games for March 2021


it doesn't feel like we're at the end of February. And as usual, it is at this time that Sony always announces a line of free games that can be claimed by players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus in the following month.


The line of games that can be claimed for free for March 2021 is quite unusual, namely because Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of them. You can check the complete line-up below.


> Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

> Farpoint (PS4 / PSVR)

> Knack (PS4)

> Maquette (PS5)

Surprising, of course, because the game by Square Enix hasn't been around a year since its release, and Sony itself can tend to eliminate games that have been on the air for at least a few years.

This indirectly reminds you to immediately claim the PlayStation Plus free games in February, which include Concrete Genie, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Biped, Control: Ultimate Edition and Destruction AllStars if you haven't already.


so the discussion about free PlayStation plus games in March, hopefully, it will become a new reference for you. see you in the next post

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