Black Desert Online for free on Steam



Black Desert Online has been available in Europe and NorthAmerica for about four years now. During that time, the game has had its ups and downs, especially when it comes to the in-game cash shop. In 2018, the game was 'remastered', bringing improved graphics and performance.

Action-based combat and character creator among the best. It's a sandbox MMO, so there is very little hand-holding, leaving players looking for their own path, something that can put some players back.

To get Black Desert Online for free, all you need to do is go to the Steam Store page, add the game to your account, install it, then launch it once before 16:00 CET on March 2. If you do all that, the game is officially yours. If you just added a game to your Steam account and didn't download or launch it, you'll need to purchase the game to play after March 2.

Click this link if you want to be directed to the Steam page: Black_Desert


so the discussion about the free black desert game through the Steam platform, hopefully it can become a new reference for you. see you in the next post.

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