How to Screenshot on Laptop Easily

For those of you who often use laptops  or PCs, screen capture activities may not be new. Screenshots or SS captures, carried out on various purposes.

The thing is that everyone does not know how  to SS on a laptop and PC, because it is not as easy to do it on a smartphone screen. The screenshot itself is a screenshot image used at various ends.

One of the most common needs is for presentation materials, or simply copy and share with others via social media or discussion apps.

The screenshot function is already present in the default operating system in various portable screenshot applications available in the market.

Even if it's very easy to do, there are still some of you who still don't know how to capture a laptop or Windows PC.

To do this, you can simply follow one of the tutorials that will be described in this article.

Here is how to screen shoot on laptop and PC, which you can try.

Every laptop with a Windows operating system, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, to Windows 10, has the same basic way to make screenshots.

Nevertheless, each Windows operating system also has other ways that are different and cannot be done on other operating systems. This is how screenshots on Windows laptops look.

1. Screenshot on Laptop with 1 Button

One of the easiest ways to screenshot on a laptop is to press the 'prt sc' button. For more details, here are the screenshot steps using one button. The first step, prepare the screen display that will be screenshotted.

Next, press the 'Prt Sc' key on the keyboard. This key is usually at the very top of the laptop keyboard, and in general, the position of this key is in the upper right corner.

After that, open the default 'Paint' application Windows, then press the 'paste' menu or press 'ctrl + v'. You can also do this by right-clicking on the mouse or mouse pad, and then selecting paste.

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The screenshot of the laptop or PC screen will be immediately visible in Paint, next, you can save by selecting the File menu > Save As > JPEG. In addition to JPEG format, you can also choose other image formats as needed, for example, PNG.

2. Windows key + Prt Sc

How to screenshot the first laptop screen has been done starting from Windows XP exists. Although it is no longer updated, how to screenshot on a laptop on Windows XP is still done on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, to Windows 10.

How to screenshot on Windows:

Press Windows Logo + Print Screen (Prt Sc) simultaneously on the computer keyboard.

After that the laptop or PC screen will flash for a while, this indicates that the screenshot process is complete.

Then the screenshot image will be saved automatically in the laptop picture folder precisely C:\Users\[ user name pc ]\Pictures\Screenshots.

3. Snniping Tool

In the new Windows operating system, there is a default application called tightening tools. This app is useful for making screenshots and annotating them.

To use this app, you have to open it by calling Cortana (Windows 10) or clicking Start and typing "tightening tool".

Once the app opens, click New and immediately select the selected area of the screen. After that, you can save it immediately or make another screenshot if you feel unsatisfied.

The Snapping Tool feature has been introduced for the first time to Windows Vista and has become the easiest way to SS on laptops and PCs.

4.Windows + G

How to switch from screenshots on laptops and PCs can also be done through the game bar by pressing the Windows key and "G". After you press the button, a game bar display will appear, where you can select "Capture" to capture the laptop screen.

In addition to being able to screenshot on laptops and PCs, the game bar can also be used to save the screen and stream while playing games.

Switching to PC screenshots and screens using this method is also quite easy. After pressing the Windows key + G, a new window will appear. Select the illustrated camera icon to create a screenshot.

The screenshot will appear in the "Gallery" window and you can open it by clicking the "File Opening Place" button turned off in the lower right corner.

5. Windows key + Volume Down

This method can only be done by Windows Surface users. How to screenshot on this device is very easy, because it is enough just to press the Windows key accompanied by the Volume Down button only.

To find images that have been screenshotted, we can find them in the screenshots folder, where the image will be saved automatically.

Those are 5 ways to Screenshot Laptop on Laptop easily.  Good luck

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