Google Changes Next Year's APK File Format

Android Package files or commonly abbreviated as apk (. Apk) are commonly used by android application developers to distribute their applications. However, this layout will change in 2021. Recently, Google announced a new application layout, the Android App Bundle (. Aab).

This document layout was first introduced by Google at the Google I / O 2018 event. In its announcement, Google said that starting from August 2021 the Google Play Console will require all applications to switch to the ". Aab" report format, not apk anymore.

"This format has benefits for smaller applications and simpler release to more users and developers," wrote Google in its announcement. Google also claims that there are already more than 750,000 applications and games that have been published on Google Play using the new layout. this.

The search engine giant said applications distributed with android app package deals were on average 15 percent smaller than applications that used accepted apk files. Thus, it benefits Android device users who are in areas with a low-speed net.

Some of the applications that are said to have tried this format are Netflix and, which google calls, get a higher download success rate. Switching to the record format can use the play asset delivery and play characteristic shipping distribution to deliver assets or features with a download size of more than one hundred and fifty MB.

The use of the obb report extension will also not receive support after this change. In addition, developers have to upload new apps to google play targeting stage 30 API or android eleven. Meanwhile, for existing application updates, they must start targeting the stage 30 API starting November 2021.
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