Digital Marketing uses the Pinterest platform

Pinterest helps people find things in a simple and visual way. Users might find something they like while browsing your boards, scrolling through the categories you are listed in, or searching for you directly.


Pinterest Pins

On Pinterest, every Pin is an idea - a gift, recipe, or even a quote. They always point back to their original site (like you!). If you add a Save button to your site, people can use it to add your content to Pinterest.

Pinterest Pins are 100 times easier to share than tweets, with retweets averaging just 1.4%. And, for Facebook, a pin's half-life is 1.6000x longer than a Facebook post.

Boards are where people collect and organize their Pins. Each board tells a unique story of what the person cares about. People can follow boards whose Pins they like.

Pinterest Business Account

If you don't have an account yet, or if your account is private, you will need to sign up for an official Pinterest for a Business account to take advantage of Pinterest's full potential.

By creating a business account, you will also get access to Pinterest Analytics, one of the newest and most awesome features of the Pinterest for Business account. When you verify your account, you get access to the important tracking information. You'll be able to see which strategies and content are working, so you can continue to improve your marketing.

Pinterest Rules to Follow

When it comes to the basic Pinterest Marketing Strategy, you should always follow the set of rules discussed here -

Keep the board clean and organized
Much of Pinterest's popularity is based on its clean and organized structure. Even with large boards with lots of content, it's naturally pleasing to the eye and easy to digest. This means creating multiple boards in which content is broken down by category so that relevant content is formed together.

Embed shareable images

The goal of a Pinterest campaign is to get as much exposure as possible with new repins, likes, comments, and followers. Most of this revolves around embedding images that people find captivating and want to share.

Since this is one of the most image-centric social networks, try to embed interesting images based on user psychology. Research has shown that images with multiple dominant colors perform well, and reddish images do better than images with shades of blue; light images perform better than darker images.

Follow the right people

Gaining some initial followers is often one of the hardest parts because it takes time to build credibility. To speed up this process, it helps to keep up with some relevant pinners. This is beneficial because everyone you follow will be notified, which can bring immediate exposure.

Assuming you have quality content, that a large number of people will likely follow you back. Once you've gained a few followers, there tends to be an accumulative effect where your follower count will continue to grow.

Pin frequency

It's important to find the right balance of embeds! Too much of it annoy your followers, too little and you will be forgotten.

Embed content that fits your audience

Food, crafts, and beauty tend to do really well on Pinterest, but don't force unrelated categories to try and get impressions.

Create unique content for Pinterest

Image sizes vary across social media channels. On Pinterest, all Pins are the same width, with an unlimited length. A good size for the shooting is 736 × 1102 pixels for a regular pin. It's neither too big nor too small.
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